Philip Ramsey
Philip Ramsey has been painting professionally since 1991. He began as a muralist in Virginia and North Carolina and then shifted his focus to the fine art of oil portraits and original oil paintings.

His style varies from representational to impressionistic with vibrant color and bold painted strokes. His goal for the viewer is to be caught up in memory and emotion.

Private Collectors from the United States, Canada, Thailand, and Malawi own commissioned pieces or Ramsey originals purchased from fine art galleries. Furthermore, Ramsey has conducted workshops and taught private lessons.

Ramsey studied informally under internationally renowned portrait artist, John de la Vega, focusing on fine oil portraits. He is a member of Oil Painters of America and The Fellowship of Christians in Portraiture.


People have memories in broad strokes of heart felt emotion. Thus what I attempt to do with my paintings is to represent those places and memories with expressive brush strokes loaded with paint and brilliant color. I try not to bore the viewer with tight detail – on the contrary I want to interest the eye and heart with contrast, values and variance in edges and color.