Logan Koontz



I look to study the real. Rendering a subject provides an insight into something or someone that I cannot achieve in any other way. The world is infinitely complex, and by working in black and white I can reduce the dimensions to their basic attributes and build them back from scratch. To me, the beauty is in the normal.

Each drawing requires a different set of tools and approach, so while they are the same media, no two are alike. Some take weeks to finish, some are done in a matter of days.

The subjects chosen are each fascinating to me in their own way. Drawing textures and objects brings me closer to understanding them, but drawing people is where my focus lies.

When it is the most successful, the work I do blends the real with the unreal. It isn’t photographic, nor is that the goal. The goal is to find something in between what we see, or what the camera shows, and what is possible. The art lies somewhere in between.


Logan Koontz is a native of Danville, Virginia. Graduate of Virginia Tech (2003) with a degree in Industrial Design. Works have been exhibited at the Museum of Fine Arts in Danville. His commissioned pieces have found homes in places as far o as Great Britain, Australia, Germany, and in 2015 the home of Andy Weir, author of The Martian.