Julia Lesnichy



Julia is originally from Moscow, Russia and received a BA in Linguistics, majoring in English and German at the Moscow Linguistics University.  Drawing animals was her usual pastime when she was a five-year old child – she became fond of sketching cats, lions and bears from animal books.

In 1998, she began taking drawing and oil painting classes in Russia. In 1999, she came to the USA with her husband and was lucky to take pastel and life drawing classes in Charlottesville, Va. In 2001, she took classes in oil painting with Lois Griffel, an outstanding impressionist painter,  in Provincetown, Ma.

In 2001, Julia had to go back to Russia and kept on working on her own creating plein air landscapes of Russian nature.


I am a Russian-born impressionist oil and pastel painter, working plein air and doing primarily landscapes of Virginia and outdoor floral still life. In oils I work alla prima, broadly using a broken-color technique with brushes and a palette knife. In pastels I tend to break colors too applying dabs and strokes of colors with pastel sticks. My goal is to study color and light in a landscape or outdoor still life. I find an inspiration in nature, with its elusive beauty being an endless source of excitement for me.  My  bold and  spontaneous use of colors combined with an impasto technique reveals my passionate perception of landscapes and allow me to create a rich and complex color surface, which results in a subtle color harmony and color balance.