John J. Ranson

I first took up photography in the early seventies while a student at Virginia Tech where I received a Bachelor of Architecture degree in 1974. After graduation my wife Beth and I moved to Richmond where our three children were born. Photography remained an interest, which, as one might expect, with a growing family, increasing responsibilities, mortgages, etc. gradually got pushed to the side; where it sat for many years. After 10 years in Richmond, the family migrated to Danville where Beth and I have lived ever since. Not so with the children and their spouses and, by now, six grandchildren who have managed to scatter themselves all over the country.

Eventually, my love of photography reemerged, but boy had things changed! Initially my primary subjects were buildings (what else?). In college my model had been Ezra Stoller and his idealized black and white images of California Contemporary homes. However, it didn’t take long to figure out that I wasn’t Ezra Stoller but was, instead, attracted to bright colors and shiny objects as well as the simple wonders that were all around me. Anyway, I quickly adapted to the new digital age while still seeking to hold true to the basics of focus, exposure and composition that I had learned back in those long ago days in the VT dark rooms.