Brad Nutter

Brad took an interest in working with metals and welding in his teens.  He learned the basics of welding from his father. After High School, he attended a technical school where he learned a whole range of welding possibilities and earned his certification. Brad started as a weldor  by repairing items customers brought and progressed to building utilitarian pieces for businesses.  In the mid 1990’s he added table and bench frames, planter stands and other assorted items to his parents’ Planter World business. He continues to work with his parents in designing and building unique decor products that incorporate his creativity with that of his parents tile and concrete work.  He was and is today known for his quality of workmanship.

But nature and wildlife have always held a special place in Brad’s mind, heart and imagination. On his own time he began taking recycled and scrap metals to create lawn ornaments of roosters and other creatures.  As time has passed, he continues to perfect the quality and diversity of the creatures he pounds, heats,welds and shapes. His brand of artistic work is considered folk art by many.  Brad has many folk art pieces across the USA and other countries.  He  hopes you also will appreciate what he has created from pieces of metal, a lot of time, talent and imagination.